Tax Collection Information

Elected Tax Collector

Donna Paisley
114 Forest Drive
Darlington, PA 16115

Posted Hours for 2019

Tuesday and Wednesday: 6PM-8PM
Last two Saturdays of each month:   9AM-12PM

Elected Tax Collector Collects

Borough Real Estate Tax, School District Real Estate Tax and School District Per Capita Tax.

There are three (3) Real Estate Tax bills for every property owner:

JANUARY – The County Tax is collected at the Court House by Connie Javens, County Treasurer.

APRIL – The Big Beaver Borough Tax is collected at the Borough Building by Donna Paisley.

JULY – The Big Beaver Falls Area School Tax is collected at the Borough Building by Donna Paisley.

Each of these taxes gives you two (2) months to pay at discount, Two (2) months to pay at face, and until the end of the year to pay at penalty. Unpaid real estate taxes are filed by January 6th.  Late payments will not be accepted after the filing date.

SEPERATE CHECKS must be written for each tax as they are deposited into separate accounts. Please send in BOTH portions of your tax bill, along with a self-addressed STAMPED envelope, to receive a stamped and signed receipt back by mail or visit the office during posted hours above.

Any change in your mailing address MUST be made through the County Assessment office. The change will be reflected on the following year’s taxes if made by October 15th. Please notify the Borough Tax office BY LETTER if you want your current year’s taxes sent to a new address, if you have moved, paid off your mortgage or changed your name. Call my office if you have any questions.


ALL residents who own the home or mobile home in which they live should make sure they enroll in the Homestead/Farmstead exemption program. Open enrollment is from December 15th through March 1st. Applications can be obtained at the County Assessment Office, on the County web site, or by calling 724-770-4800. This program uses gambling revenue to reduce your School Real Estate taxes. In 2018 the reduction was $380.02 off the face amount.

Real Estate PAID receipts for use with the Property tax/Rent rebate program can be requested by calling or visiting the Borough tax office during posted hours.

PER CAPITA TAXES – (head tax) – There are two (2). I only collect the School Per Capita ($10.00), which comes out in JULY and must be paid by April 15th. The Borough Per Capita tax is collected by Berkheimer, their website is or they can be reached at 1-800-360-8989.

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