Big Beaver Borough was incepted on March 7th 1958. Until that date it was known as Big Beaver Township which was formed in 1802 when South Beaver Township was divided. In 1849 when Lawrence County was created, the new county line split Big Beaver leaving a township of that name in each county. Big Beaver in Lawrence County is now known as New Beaver Borough.

The Borough is located 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh in North-Central Beaver County which is in Western Pennsylvania. It is bounded on the north by the Beaver-Lawrence County line, on the west by Darlington Township, on the south by Chippewa Township & West Mayfield Borough, and on the east by the Beaver River. Its area covers about 18 square miles with a population of about 1,970 based on the 2010 Census. One of the interesting facts about Big Beaver Borough is that there are three separate boroughs within its boundaries, these being: Homewood, Koppel and New Galilee.

The Borough Office can be reached at Phone: 724-827-2416 Fax: 724-827-2415

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