Snow Removal

A note from our Public Works Director.

Our Public Works Department is currently staffed by four employees including the Director. In 2020, the Borough signed a five-year agreement with Penn Dot to maintain Ashwood Road, Friendship Road, and a portion of Shenango Road. This contract does not include the removal of ice, due to drainage issues, that accumulates on these roads. Penn Dot remains responsible to remove the ice in whatever way they see fit. If you live on a state road and have icing concerns you can call Penn Dot at 724 774-6610. The Public Works Department is currently maintaining 18.5 lane miles of state roads and 56 lane miles of Borough roads. We complete this task by using two 10-ton dump trucks and two smaller 1-ton trucks. We use a mixture of 75% anti-skid, 25% salt to treat the roads. This mixture is recommended by Penn Dot engineers and has been successfully used all over the state. Salt becomes virtually ineffective below 15 degrees F, however the anti-skid/salt mixture provides traction to drivers while the salt is working to melt the snow an ice.

Please remember, no two storms are the same and every storm presents a different set of challenges for the Public Works Department. We are striving to provide the best service we can to the residents.

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