DEP Mandated Dye Test

******If your a Big Beaver Borough Resident and invoiced by Beaver Falls Municipal Authority for Sewage, please see the following Announcement******

Big Beaver Borough recently passed an ordinance ( No. 229 ) to test for the improper infiltration and inflow of water into their wastewater collection system. This ordinance was a result of a mandate from PA DEP to reduce the amount of excess water entering the system from outside sources such as gutters and sump pumps. In an effort to reduce the amount of excess load on the system, which is also causing excess loads on the Beaver Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Borough Public Works Department will be performing dye tests, as part of a corrective action plan approved by PA DEP, on every business and home connect to our wastewater collection system. Our Public Works Director has delivered notices to all homes and businesses that are required to have a dye test. This ordinance only effects those businesses and homes connected to the Big Beaver Wastewater Collection System. It does not effect anyone on Bradys Run Sanitary or PA American Water’s system or anyone who has a septic system. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Borough office, 724-827-8962.

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